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Description of Shrink photos beautifully1. OutlineThis app shrinks photos beautifully.The resized photos can be used in

Description of Shrink photos beautifully

1. Outline
This app shrinks photos beautifully.
The resized photos can be used in email, Twitter, Line, and other social network services, and they can be viewed on feature phones.
Not only does this app shrink images, it also maintains great image quality in the resized images and can be used to make image cutouts.
If you’ve tried to shrink and send an image, only to have it end up ruined, then be sure to try this app.
Plus, the app can shrink images without distorting printed text, so you’ll still be able to read characters in images of newspapers, comics, and the like.
Special function is can hide image by mosaic with detect face.
This app is also a convenient time-saver since it enables you to shrink multiple images together in batches.
You can also take batches of resized images, or select specific ones, and attach them to emails and the like.
JPEG files include Exif data that can be used to identify specific individuals. This app removes that kind of data, so you don’t need to worry.
Resized images are outputted to the app’s own output folder. The app has absolutely no effect on the original images, so you can use it without worrying.
This app makes it easy to view Exif data, thumbnail data, and GPS location data, so you can also use it to check photos taken on high quality cameras.
2.The first screen explanation
Starting shows a camera, OPEN, CLOSE, CLEAR, and an OUTPUT icon.
A touch of Camera will start camera app.
A touch of OPEN will read a picture from a gallery etc.
A touch of CLOSE will release a picture on display.
A touch of CLEAR will release all the read pictures.
A touch of OUTPUT will change to the reduction result display screen which displays a picture as a result of reducing.
3.How to shrink photo
When you load the image, the icon for reducing the size is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
The reduced size depends on the icon.
Decide the reduction size and touch the icon to start the reduction process.
When completed, it will transition to the result display screen that displays the reduced image.
4. Output result display screen
Touch the photo to turn it greenish yellow.
This means you have selected this image.
In this state, touch [Share] at the bottom of the screen to display the screen for selecting another application.
Select this to pass the image to an email or social networking application.
You can use it in other apps by sharing it with the photo app.
You can also touch the trash can mark to delete it.
5.Basic operation
When you are viewing the picture and the variety-of-information, you can pinch zoom and drag.
In mode where many pictures are read, a gray button is displayed on the both-ends central part of the screen.
The following picture and a front picture are displayed by wiping right and left, pushing this button.
6. Picture Information (Exif, GPS) and Rotation
When Exif information is embedded in the picture, the Exif button is displayed on the screen.
When GPS information is embedded similarly, the GPS button is displayed on the screen.
The Rotate button is pushed in order to change direction of a picture.
Then, since it goes into rotation mode, if a screen is dragged, it will unite and rotate.
It can be reflected in a reduction result if it rotates.
If the tap of the back button is carried out or the tap of each button is carried out once again, it will return to the normal mode.

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